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About us

About Aaron Laundry & Dry Cleaning

Aaron Laundry & Dry Cleaning is the undisputed specialist in the field of dry cleaning, washing and ironing all of your fabrics in The Hague, Rijswijk and the surrounding areas. From suits, duvets to curtains, we are ready to clean all your fabrics until midnight! In recent years we have made a name for ourselves with our extraordinary service and the professional care of all your laundry. Whatever you want to have cleaned, Aaron Laundry & Dry Cleaning is ready for it! 

Free pick-up and drop-off service 

What makes Aaron Laundry & Dry Cleaning so special? We collect all your laundry for free and return them to you free of charge. This way, you can have your textiles cleaned for a very affordable price! Of course you don’t have to worry about losing your precious fabrics for too long. Aaron Laundry & Dry Cleaning ensures that your laundry is delivered back home within 24 hours. Very handy when you work a lot but don’t have time to clean your suit or bring it to the dry cleaner. Of course it is also possible to have workwear cleaned, we also pick up and deliver for and at offices. Experience the convenience of our service yourself! 

How it works

Online at our website you can easily place an order to wash or dry clean all kinds of fabrics for an affordable price. You can easily place an order at a time which is convenient for you. Before you know it we pick up your laundry with one of our vehicles. Then we bring your textiles to our dry cleaner and launderette where we clean your fabrics with the utmost care and specialty. Of course, we will carefully dry your textiles and we will iron them out completely. Afterwards, we will return your fabrics to a location and time indicated by you. For example, you can also have your suits delivered to your office. Because we work very efficiently, you can be sure that your fabrics will be returned clean in no time. Aaron Laundry & Dry Cleaning takes dry cleaning and washing to the next level in the region of The Hague!

Your laundry dry cleaned, washed & ironed. Order conveniently online now!


What customers say

Ciangi Miang

What an outcome! Personal and fast service, and my clothes were perfectly cleaned. A few clicks and everything was arranged. I am really very satisfied with this dry cleaning!

leontine lieffering

Aaron laundry has taken care of the laundry for our aunt for weeks. We are very satisfied with the flexible and customer-friendly attitude and of course with the clean laundry!

Julia Gumbs

Very flexible, good service and great prices ….. for washing yourself; a casual atmosphere.